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Have you ever wished you knew exactly what you were doing, had a plan, and could execute the plan the way you envisioned?  
Maybe it's time to Own "IT".
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The game of golf has been used as a business tool for decades.  Everyone knows that having undivided attention and access to a decision maker for over four hours is unheard of. Cindy Miller will teach you how to benefit from learning to play the game, how to act on the course, and when to mention business. Isn't it time you were spending some quality time on the course?

Wouldn't it be nice to be totally clear in your intentions, comfortable with your skills, and confident in your plan? Cindy Miller is the 2010 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Top 50 LPGA Teacher, and sits within the top 40 of the Career Money List of The Legends Tour of the LPGA. She has reached the highest levels of both playing and teaching in the world.    She can help YOU!

Own Your Game.  It starts with defining "it".  What is "it"? The choice for you to do what you are great at. What if you don't what you game is? really know What does that mean to you? The same adjectives, descriptions, and skills that it takes to become a professional athlete are transferable to life itself.  Do you know your personal behavior style? What motivates you to action?  How you make judgments?  How much better would your life be if you truly understood yourself? 

Boot Camp

For those looking to change their game in a three or four day time frame.  Allen and Cindy Miller teach you every morning and take you out on the course each afternoon to ensure you are able to implement your new skills. 

Team Building

This session will inspire, challenge and educate your team to unlock potential. We start in the classroom and end on the course. The nine hole team task tournament is just what your team needs to learn to work together like a finely tuned machine. 

The Executive Retreat

Do you need to learn to use the game of golf as a business tool?  Are you aware that your personal stock value goes up when you are able to maneuver your way around the course? This session will ensure you have the skills and confidence to accept that next golf invitation.

Maybe It's Time For a Corporate Clinic? Cindy Miller's Golf 101 for Executives Program will change your team... forever!

Is it time to Own Your Game?

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