Meet The Millers 


Cindy & Allen Miller are the only married couple in the world who have competed on all four major tours; the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, PGA TOUR Champions and the Legends Tour of the LPGA. Their expertise comes from playing the game for a living.

Allen Miller is the second purest ball striker Short Game Guru Dave Pelz has ever tested. He is a PGA TOUR winner and has played in five Masters Tournaments, numerous PGA Championships and the U.S. Open.

Cindy Miller is a former LPGA Tour Player, current member of The Legends Tour of the LPGA and has been voted as a Top 50 LPGA Teacher in the World. She has competed in five U.S. Women's Opens and numerous LPGA Championships. 

As Certified Behavior, Motivation and Emotional Intelligence Professionals; they use the game of golf to teach individuals, teams and corporations how to not only swing the club but choose the right shot, commit to their decision and produce results.

They have created simple solutions to complicated challenges and they teach people from total beginners to PGA TOUR Comeback Players of the Year.

They can help you.

What We Do

In all our years of playing and teaching the great game of golf, we have never met anyone who tried to miss it on purpose. Whether it be a little white ball, running your business, or making that big sale: you try to make the right shot at the right time, with the right club.

We specialize in helping individuals, teams and corporations integrate Professional Development into their infrastructure and aid their People to achieve Peak Performance to return maximum Profit.

Sometimes the best solution is to get away. An offsite retreat can clear the air, create new commitments and bigger profits.  Allen and Cindy Miller can deliver the perfect customized program for you and your team.  One or two days away at a local club or maybe a resort out of state can make the reset button click.

When they are firing on all cylinders as a unified team: companies get ahead. To compete, your team must be sharp and operate at peak efficiency, work at the same level with similar strategies that win the Super Bowl, Ryder Cup, and World Series. Great teams are actively developed. The Miller's Team Building Program is the perfect solution to get your team operating at their peak.


No one can make people feel more comfortable or have more fun on a golf course than Cindy Miller. If your goal is to build a client base, show customer appreciation, or raise money for your favorite charity, Cindy will help you achieve it through unique hands-on clinics and outings. 

From the Back Nine to the Boardroom

"You can tell more about how a person will react in a business situation from one round of golf than in a hundred hours of meetings'' -Mark McCormick in What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School

This course will teach you how to use the game of golf as a business tool. From how to identify your playing partners, rules, etiquette, dress codes, and what all the clubs mean, you will be ready to accept that next golf invitation when you complete this course. 


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The Learn to Hit It Kit

For the person who wants to learn how to hit the golf ball clean, airborne and straight on purpose in their own backyard. The kit comes with a practice hitting mat, tee, practice balls, Cindy's Golf 101 Book and the online Learn to Hit It Course. All for $119.99!

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Golf Games, Drills, & Challenges

Do you get bored practicing? If so, this is the perfect group of courses for you!  Not only do you get golf games, you will be challenged to practice and keep score while you do! Also included are The Miller's Best Drills and The Five Old Wives Tales. All for $97.00!

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We are trusted by some of the greatest companies in the world.

Every Aspect of Your Game!

From hitting the fairway to making every putt, The Millers make learning to play better golf not only fun, but SIMPLE! They explain the cause of the errant shot, the cure and communicate the solution. Stop the confusion and get better!

"Allen and Cindy Miller treated us to one of the finest Executive Retreats we could have imagined. I would highly recommend them."

Wausau Signature Agency

"Improve Your Team From The Inside Out has proven to be an exceptional event for our Executive Golf Day."

President International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners

"I would highly recommend Cindy & Allen Miller to any organization looking to improve employee results."

Director of Marketing Procter and Gamble

"Thank you for a job well done at our General Motors Team Building event! Through the DISC analysis, we ended the day with a better understanding of one another’s qualities and how to best leverage our individual strengths for the benefit of our overall team performance. The session was both challenging and fun, and the activity as it relates to business and to our golf games exceeded our staff expectations. Cindy and Allen have an amazing program which they make even more outstanding through customization. They were serious in the message that they were delivering, but humorous and entertaining at the same time. Cindy and Allen were both open, flexible, patient, and totally professional. They delivered exactly the right message in exactly the right way. Our group had a wonderful and rewarding time, and would highly recommend to other teams!"

J. W.
HR/LR Site Director GM Lockport

Boot Camp!

For the committed, dedicated, serious player who really wants to change their game!  Multiple opportunities are offered!  We typically hold our events in Orlando, FL. at Orange County National Golf Club. We work on all aspects of your game. Each day includes guided playing experiences on the course. For more information and dates, please click below!